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Kisses From Sardinia is a heart-felt true story that takes the author on her own Cinderella story. She being in an abusive situation to meeting her own Prince Charming. She is living her happily ever after with her prince and their two daughters. Her story serves to give hope to all who have made bad choices. Belief in yourself and hard work really pays off. This is a beautiful story.


An amazing story, very well written - so honest, true and respectful. I enjoyed every chapter and it was hard for me to put the book down, curious what will happen next. I feel I was right there witness the transformation of Laurie from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly inside out. Her and Carlo’s love story is material for a movie. A must read that shows you that you can achieve anything with the right perspective, attitude, will power, determination and courage.



Kisses from Sardinia

This theme of this memoir strikes right to the heart of what so many of us have struggled with personally - hope after heartbreak. Following the dissolution of a toxic marriage, Laurie struggled as a single mother who worked several jobs to make ends meet. She could have given up; she could have felt sorry for herself; she could have quickly rebounded into the arms of the first man who offered to rescue her emotionally and financially. But she chose none of those things. Instead, she chose independence. She chose to prioritize her infant daughter and family relationships. She cultivated a strong support system amongst her girlfriends. She bravely said "yes" to unexpected opportunities and adventures that ultimately led her to true love. An unlikely meeting, in an unlikely place, at an unlikely time. Laurie exemplifies courage in this transparent memoir when she tackles life's challenges with grit, determination, and integrity. Highly inspiring!


I started reading and couldn’t put it down. Page turn to page turn I walked through Laurie’s life with her. Knowing many of the places she lived and visited and some of the people she knew made the story feel so “real” and connected. Knowing there was a happy ending, but following along with all the highs and lows and distance made my heart ache and burst with joy for her all at the same time. A great read that would make a captivating movie!


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