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Laurie Henry is referred to as an “all-American girl”: an exceptional student raised in central Ohio by hard-working, conservative Christian parents. When she learns a secret about her past, she rebels as only a teenage girl can, marries the proverbial “bad boy”, and has his baby. Just how is it, then, that this struggling single mother on food stamps goes from teary-eyed desperation on the beaches of Emerald Isle, North Carolina, to the verdant green hills of THE “Emerald Isle”? How does she go from the nightlife of Dayton to dancing in the clubs of Temple Bar? How does she go from serving plates of eggplant parmesan in the Buckeye State to being served delicacies on the island of Sardinia? How does the girl in sweats go from hoodies to Hermes?

Kisses from Sardinia has all the makings of a novel, but it’s a true story—a story of chance, romance, and happenstance that every woman, young or old, should read and thus be inspired. Laurie’s tale of adventure will awaken young readers, both male and female, to their potentials no matter their circumstances, and also remind parents of impetuous daughters that it’s best to leave them to their dreams…they just might come true beyond anyone’s imagination.

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